These are our
Clinician roles.

Nothing is more rewarding than looking after people’s health and seeing them get better. As a Clinician, it’s in your nature to be caring and supportive. If you love helping and connecting with others, and want to make a positive difference everyday, then look no further. 

As part of a diverse community including consultants, GPs, dentists and therapists, you’re bound to make a difference wherever you are.

Clinical excellence 

We want our clinicians to be proud to represent Bupa and our customers to trust that we have their care at the heart of what we do. So we’ve put together a variety of different events, awards and programmes so you can feel supported and empowered to deliver evidence-based, high quality care. 

Life as a

As a clinician, patients are your top priority. Work in a place where care is patient-centred, and see the difference you make when you are trusted with someone’s most precious gift – their life.  

Work towards the ultimate goal of helping people live happier lives. At Bupa, we have belief in you to create a prospering future, not only for our customers but for you as well. 


Belief lets you do incredible things from all kinds of perspectives.

Individual personalities, unique stories – here’s what our people have to say.



I wanted to work in an environment where the care was patient-centred and where I was able to give the customers the time they needed to discuss their health fully and to deal with their problems without feeling rushed. Bupa provides exactly that and I’m so grateful for it.


Therapy Manager

“The staff and teams are friendly here and you meet loads of people from all over the world. You make friends for life and learn a lot as a person and professionally. It’s the people that make the hospital. We’re fortunate to have an energetic and enthusiastic team that has strong clinical experience."



“I’m not an accountant, I’m not an engineer, I’m a dentist and all the other distractions are taken away when you’re part of Bupa. It’s a place where you can spend the time needed with your patients and focus on delivering what’s important – outstanding dental care.”