Employee Spotlight:

With the life moto of “Nothing is impossible” we know that Amit is perfect for his role as our new Physicist within Nuclear Medicine at our Cromwell Hospital.

Having worked a similar role in a different country, his recent move to the UK has not phased him and he’s excited to grow and join the team.

It can be difficult to move to another country, but Amit told us that his joining process was a supportive one, “The team here helped me in providing all the correct documents and informed me of the local rules and regulatory legislations that would help me within my role in the UK.”

As an expert in his field, Amit shared that his move to Bupa was a “great opportunity to contribute to an exciting and fast-moving industry for an internationally renowned organisation”.

In our modern Cromwell Hospital, our department in Nuclear Medicine is a medical speciality that involved the application of radioactive elements to diagnose, treat and catch disease at the earliest stage. The process relies on imagery to detect a wide variety of conditions such as stress of cancers, heart disease, gastrointestinal, endocrine or neurological disorders.

When discussing his experience at Cromwell so far, Amit told us “An important part of working is my personal development. This role has given me the opportunity to work independently, and I can see how I can learn and grow within this environment”

In his spare time, he loves nothing more than playing Cricket with his teammates and to really switch off likes to paint.


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