Life at Bupa

This is the
Bupa Code.

We created the Bupa Code to help us make the right choices. It explains how we can protect our customers, our people and our partners – now and in the future. 

It also helps us build trust and strong relationships with our communities – protecting what matters most.

We put customers first

We go above and beyond. We want our customers, patients and residents to have a great experience and be treated fairly. And if things are less than perfect, we take complaints seriously and learn from them.

We stay safe and well

We look out for each other. Safety, health and wellbeing are vital. Each one of us is responsible for doing everything we can to protect our customers, patients and residents from harm – and promote wellbeing.

We keep information safe

Information is key to our business and we’re trusted to keep it safe. Whether it’s information about our customers, patients, residents, people or business, we keep it secure.

We work to high professional standards

To give the best quality care, we need great people. So we make sure that our knowledge, qualifications, skills and experience meet our customers’ needs and the standards of our profession. 

We celebrate diversity

Bupa is an inclusive organisation that welcomes everyone; all talents and backgrounds. We embrace our differences and we don’t tolerate discrimination or bullying.

We play by the rules

If we break the law or regulations, or act in any way that falls below our standards, it can damage our reputation and our business. We make sure that we follow and understand the laws and regulations that affect us.

We act ethically

We do business in the right way. We don’t give or accept bribes and we don’t allow anyone to do so on our behalf. We make sure that any gifts and entertainment we offer and receive are appropriate and recorded in the right way.

We declare conflicts

We avoid situations where our personal interests, loyalties and relationships could affect – or be seen to affect – our choices for us and our customers. And we’re aware of how things can look. So we declare any conflicts of interest straight away.

We represent Bupa

We care about our brand and reputation. We’re aware that what we say in public or on social media could affect how our customers and communities see us. We respect our assets and never use them for personal gain.

We’re ready for anything

Sometimes we have to be prepared for the worst as well as the best. We make sure we know what to do and who to get in touch with if something happens. And we keep our contact details up-to-date.

We take care of the planet

What’s good for the environment is good for health. So we work in a way that has a positive impact. And we help others change by creating conversations about the links between health and the environment.

We speak up

We’re committed to being a place where our people are free to question things and are courageous in raising anything we’re concerned about. You can speak up knowing that it’ll be taken seriously and treated confidentially.

This is
what we do best.

We specialise in wellbeing. And health is what we’re known for. It’s what makes Bupa, Bupa. 

We all play a part in talking openly about mental health and looking out for one another. Performance Energy is our resilience programme that helps maintain our energy and keep us in shape – physically, mentally and emotionally.

Smile is our health and wellbeing programme – here to support our people and their immediate family with advice, tools and treatment. All of these are available to all employees.

We also have our MHFA (Mental Health First Aiders) Network, with over 100 professionally trained mental health first aiders to support our people. 

If our customers deserve outstanding healthcare, then so do you. 

This is
thriving at work.

We believe in giving you room to grow. 

When it comes to learning and development, we’ll give you everything you need to progress, based on your role. In addition to on-the-job coaching, we also offer an online learning platform called ‘Grow’. 

If you want to take your learning to the next level, you might be interested in an apprenticeship. Click below for more information.

We work together to create an environment where we talk openly about how and what we’re doing at work. We set goals, check in on progress, and review what’s been accomplished – that’s how we thrive. 

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This is
being rewarded.

We make life better for millions. That includes yours. You make a difference to our customers, and we want to make sure you’re well rewarded for doing just that. 

That’s why we offer competitive reward packages, from salary to mental health support, holidays to health benefits, pensions to perks and dental cover to discounts. All designed with you and your wellbeing in mind. You’ll be able to find lots more about this during the recruitment process.

This is how you can
be you at Bupa.

In September 2018, we launched our UK pledge: Everyone’s Welcome, a commitment to embrace diversity in a fully inclusive environment. 

We believe that our places of work are better when they create a positive working environment where everyone’s welcome. We want people to feel comfortable and free to bring their whole self to work.

Here, we take action against any form of discrimination, harassment or bullying and raise awareness of the importance of creating an inclusive culture.

We believe it’s important to understand and celebrate our differences. We believe the best performing teams are made up of people who come from different backgrounds, that offer diverse ideas and new ways of doing things. We embrace our differences, so we can bring our true selves to work.

To find out more about our pledge, click here. 

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We aim to do this through:
  1. Funding and providing quality health and care services
  2. Being a place where people love to work
  3. Conducting our business ethically
  4. Engaging with our communities
  5. Making a positive impact on the environment


We believe in being good people and helping others whenever we can. It’s at the core of our approach to corporate responsibility and sustainability – it’s what we call Bupa Cares.

As a global company, we know that we can affect society, so we’re proud that our efforts also contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals to create a better world for all.

These are our