About Bupa

This is
just the beginning.

In 1947, Bupa was set up to help prevent, relieve and cure sickness and ill-health of every kind. Ever since, we’ve been driven by the single purpose of helping people live longer, healthier, happier lives.

Every single one of our 80,000 global employees share this ambition and we know that with the right support and the right people around us, anything is possible – it’s why we have so much belief in our people. 

With this attitude, who knows what we’ll achieve. Because we know healthcare is just as important now as it was 70 years ago. At Bupa – we’ve only just begun. Watch exactly what belief means to our people here. 

This is
our priority

Bupa’s purpose is helping people live longer, healthier, happier lives. We do this by providing a broad range of healthcare services, support and advice to people throughout their lives.   At Bupa, we have no shareholders. Our priority is our customers and you. 

We believe that our healthcare should be accessible to all – for now and in the future. 

We do this by reinvesting our profits into better healthcare and letting our people have the freedom and support to have a purpose-driven career, whatever path they choose.

This is
what we stand for.

Our values mirror how we work, they encapsulate what we look for in our people and they shape the way we behave and deliver for our customers and each other. No matter our background or whatever life throws at us – it’s what we believe in.


Always responsible. Take ownership. Make it happen.


Big-hearted and compassionate. Treat people with respect and kindness. Everyone and everything matters.


Be brave. Dare to try. Speak up.


True to yourself. Genuine and honest. Say what we mean, mean what we say.


Seek new ideas and other points of view. Share freely. Really listen and understand. Embrace diversity.


Full of energy and inspiration. Love what we do and why we do it. Love our customers.


Go above and beyond. Be the best we can dream to be. Deliver outstanding results.

How we got

Bupa was created on 3 April 1947 with the founding purpose – ‘to prevent, relieve and cure sickness and ill-health of every kind’, combining a caring ethos with freedom of choice.

We began the first major company health insurance scheme and we branded ourselves by adopting our first logo – a shield, symbolising a defence from illness and our protective and caring approach towards customers. By 1955, Bupa membership had exceeded 200,000. We were off to a flying start.


In 1967, we took the first step into the digital age by installing our first computer. The computer occupied two floors, and grew to take over almost the entire building of our head office in Essex Street, London.


We pioneered health screening, opening our first health screening centre in London, screening 7,500 people during that year. We also launched our first TV advertising campaign. In 1979, the Bupa Medical Foundation was created.


In 1982, Bupa International was launched and we became Europe’s largest health screening operator. The 1980s saw our first care home. Bupa House in Milton Keynes was opened in 1985 with 36 rooms and only 5 residents.


By the early 1990s, we covered 170 countries and settled claims in 84 currencies. In 1999 we acquired Barbican Healthcare, which gave us the opportunity to directly provide dental services for the first time.


We set up Bupa Wellness in the UK in 1999, creating a leader of high-quality, progressive, preventative healthcare services. By the middle of the 2000s, we’d opened more than 40 Bupa Wellness clinics.


Today, we’re an international healthcare company serving around 16.7 million health insurance customers, 15 million patients in our clinics, hospitals and dental centres, and 22,300 residents in our care homes and villages.


Our future

Our future plans will affect every single part of Bupa – and we need different minds and individuals to help us get there.

We want to make things easier, faster, more personalised and responsive for our customers, employees, providers and partners.

We also want to put our people in an environment that inspires them to be themselves.

This is

our leadership team.

Introducing our Bupa Global and UK Leadership Team. Click on a photo to learn more about the leader. If you are interested in knowing about our Bupa Group Executive Team then click here instead.


David joined Bupa in 2014 as Transformation Director in the UK, and as leader of health and dental clinics before becoming General Manager of Bupa’s UK Care Services business in 2015.

David Hynam
CEO, Bupa Global & UK

Gabriela joined Bupa Dental Care in November 2018. Since joining Bupa in 2003, she has held a number of senior roles in the Sanitas business. In January 2017 she was appointed Chief Strategy Officer.

Gabriela Pueyo
General Manager, Bupa Dental Care

Before this role, Joan had a number of senior leadership positions at Bupa, including Finance Director for Bupa Cromwell Hospital and Health Clinics, Interim UK Finance Director and the Finance Director of UK Care Services.

Joan Elliott
General Manager, UK Care Services

Alex joined Bupa in 2008, leading the Clinics business, and has also been the Director of Health and Benefits Management for the UK Health Insurance business, where he was responsible for the healthcare that our customers receive.

Alex Perry
CEO, Bupa Insurance Ltd

Sheldon is the Managing Director of Bupa Global, as well as CEO of GeoBlue which is part of Bupa Global and is our joint venture in North America with the Blue Cross Blue Shield organisation. Sheldon holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Kent.

Sheldon Kenton
Managing Director of Bupa Global & CEO of GeoBlue

Wayne has worked for Bupa since 1992. Over the past 12 years he’s held many senior roles within Bupa in the capacity of CEO/MD and CFO. He’s experienced in sponsoring and managing complex multi-million pound projects and managing business change.

Wayne Close
General Manager for Health Services

Tom joined Bupa in 2018. Prior to that he was Transformation and Change Director at TalkTalk. He has held a number of senior Human Resources and Transformation roles.

Tom Hoosen-Webber
People Director, Bupa Global & UK

Charles has been at Bupa since 2002 and in his previous role he was Strategy and Mergers & Acquisitions Director for Bupa in the UK, where he led the acquisition of Oasis Dental Care.

Charles Richardson
CFO, Bupa Global & UK

Miguel became CI Director of Bupa UK in January 2013. He joined Bupa in 2007 as CIO of Sanitas, Bupa’s Spanish and Latin America arm. He previously held several senior executive roles in United Technologies Corporation in Connecticut, USA.

Miguel Larrucea
IS Director, Bupa Global & UK

Paula originally joined Bupa in 1996 before leaving in 2009 to join Marie Stopes International where she was Global Medical Director. She returned to Bupa in April 2013 to take up the post of Medical Director of Bupa UK.

Paula Franklin
Chief Medical Officer, Bupa Group & Chief Medical and Risk Officer, Bupa Global & UK

Rob joined Bupa in 2013 and has held several leadership roles within the organisation across Digital, Customer Experience and Product Management.

Rob Edmundson
Transformation and Marketing Director Bupa Global & UK

Stuart joined Bupa in February 2018. He was formerly General Counsel and Company Secretary at Guardian Financial Services Holdings. Stuart trained and qualified with the Corporate Insurance team at Clifford Chance.

Stuart Brown
General Counsel, Bupa Global & UK

Sally is responsible for media and external relations, internal communications, public affairs and corporate responsibility and sustainability in the UK. Sally joined Bupa in 2014 as External Relations Director for UK and Group.

Sally Pain
Corporate Affairs Director, Bupa Global & UK