Employee Spotlight:

At Cromwell Hospital, no two patients are the same.

Ana tells us “working within Critical care keeps you on your toes!” Her desire to learn, reflect and improve has aided her growth and she’s now our Outreach Critical Care Sister.

Ana has found through working with the multidisciplinary teams that “you learn so much from the people around you and they are always there to support you through the difficult times.”

Grasping the opportunity to grow, Ana is due to start her advanced assessment course - “I have amazing leads, who are dedicated and supportive of my professional growth, I feel I can practice critical care safely and be the nurse I want to be.”

Ana told us she feels “Cromwell is centred around their employees. Knowing that your opinion matters, and you are being listened to makes me feel valued and it’s the little things that make a difference.”

Ana loves to be challenged and the adrenaline it brings. This is true for her work and personal life as she plans for her third skydive which she hopes to complete with her daughter, “the most terrifying part is making the first jump, but the freefall after is worth it.”

Family is important to Ana. While working in the UK, her mum and daughter live in Portugal, her home country, where she moved from 9 years ago to develop her career. Through flexible working, Ana regularly travels home to spend quality time with her daughter – “we love to swim and kayak in the sea”.

To unwind, Ana loves nothing more than to lose herself in a series of fantasy novels, particularly The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini.

With excitement for the future, Ana told us "There are a number of projects planned for the Outreach team that I am helping to build, and I can’t wait to see the benefits they will provide our patients & hospital team".

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