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More than just a job:
Being there for others

Working in our Contact Centres, no two days are ever the same. Ayshea joined our team in 2014 as a Customer Service Advisor and since then she’s progressed to work in the Omni Channel team. We caught up with her to find out what she loves about working in customer service.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

Before I joined Bupa, I had a few different roles and I’ve loved every job I’ve ever had. I was looking for a new challenge and I had some friends who recommended Bupa as a great place to work and as somewhere I would be able to do one of my favourite things, help people!

What was it like joining Bupa?

When I started as a Customer Service Advisor, I’ll be completely honest, I found the training quite challenging. But I had a brilliant trainer who arranged extra coaching and support for me. We all learn in different ways and Bupa recognised that and provided all the support I needed. Over the years I’ve tried to do the same for other people. As new starters join our team, I end up being a sort of “mother hen,” helping people and making sure they don’t struggle in silence.

How’ve you been supported to progress your career?

The managers I’ve had have been incredibly supportive. They want to see you progress, better yourself and “spread your wings.” I’ve been really lucky in that aspect. Before I moved into my role in the Omni Channel team (which looks after other customer contact channels such as webchat, e-forms etc.) I always had opportunities. I even got to try this role out before I moved to this team -  my managers were really supportive of me doing that.I’ve been in the team since December and I really love the role. It’s varied and even though you’re not speaking to customers over the phone, it’s still really rewarding to know that you’re helping people access the treatment they need.

Why else have you stayed so long?

The culture is a big one for me. There’s always some sort of fundraising or team activity going on which makes you feel part of a family, for example getting the team together and helping raise money for charity through bake sales and raffles. There’s a real sense of being one team. I remember one year for Valentine’s Day we wrote “I love you because…” letters, where people put their praises on a letter which were then hand delivered to everyone on the team. Some of the comments were really moving, inspirational and genuine.

I think you get great benefits as well. There is private health insurance, you can buy extra holidays and the flexibility to work from home is great. I do miss seeing everyone each day because they’re a fantastic team, but the time I save on my commute is really making a difference to my wellbeing. You get a real sense of being looked after here; Bupa is a healthcare company and they give you access to so many tools to help you look after your health, such as the Anytime HealthLine, private GP appointments and more. I’ve had issues with my health, and knowing I’ve got access to this support if I need it, is a real comfort.

Do you have any standout moments?

I don’t know whether this is a happy or bad memory, but this really sticks out!  One day I wasn’t feeling too great, so I called Bupa’s Anytime HelpLine and ran through my symptoms and explained how I was feeling. The nurse said “Ayshea, put the phone down and call 999,” which I did. Within a few minutes, whilst on to the 999 operator, I started shaking all over, felt cold and my heart was racing. When the ambulance arrived, I deteriorated quickly and was taken to hospital. After further investigations, I was diagnosed with sepsis and was in hospital for 4 days. If I hadn’t called our helpline, I might not have been here to tell this story. It sounds bizarre but working at Bupa literally helped saved my life and I’m incredibly grateful.