Employee Spotlight:

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Step into the world of Florentina, our committed Tissues Visibility specialist at Cromwell Hospital, part of our Bupa family. Her journey encapsulates the essence of healthcare – a balanced blend of compassion and expertise.

We asked, “Why did you join Cromwell?” Reflecting on the past four years, she found her answer in the initial interview experience. The team's welcoming demeanour and profound insights left a lasting impression – a sentiment that continues to resonate. "The team I joined was one of the best teams I have been in," a testament to the unity and camaraderie that define our workplace. She also shared that amidst intricate cases, the support network is unmatched.

Joining Cromwell as a Nurse in our Cardiac/Medical ward, she then transitioned to the role of Tissue Viability Specialist. Balancing patient caseloads and crafting schedules, each day introduces new challenges. However, the aspects of her work that spear Florentina to continue to deliver the best service to her patients is; when she can witness and support their triumphant battle as they are on their journey to recover. Adding, individuals entrust their care to her. The enormity of this responsibility fuels her commitment to making a positive impact.

As someone who enjoys connecting with her patients, Florentina shared a memorable experience with an individual that helped define her career pathway. “One lady with vascular wounds opened up to me about her life, while I tended to her needs and distracted her from the pain she was experiencing. We connect and our laughter made dressing changes easier. That's when I realised my calling. Healing wounds isn't just about skin; it's about touching lives. This illuminated my purpose – in wound healing, we mend lives beyond skin deep.”

Beyond the hospital walls, you'll find Florentina embarking on leisurely London city walks, channelling creativity through drawing, painting, and capturing life's essence through photography.

Florentina acknowledges the training that propelled her growth, and the significant impact Cromwell's investment has had on her development. Looking ahead, Florentina hopes to embark on a master's degree, which she hopes Cromwell Hospital will support. “As we anticipate the hospital's expansion, a sense of excitement is in the air, promising transformative changes and I hope to continue be a part of this.”

She shared how she has felt Cromwell has really listened to its staff as it’s conscientious approach to staff well-being is evident. Support hotlines and a commitment to cultivating a secure environment underscore this commitment. Amid the array of benefits, “Bupa Medical Insurance has been a lifeline during my personal health journey.”

Florentina’s & Cromwell's narrative are aligned – a commitment to person centred care and a celebration of growth.


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