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Hello everyone, my name is Lauren and I have been working at Bupa for just over 3 years. I have always been glued to technology since a young age and don’t think I could do without my PC, as it’s an essential for computing and gaming, both of which I enjoy.

My current role within in Bupa is as a Security Engineering, our team helps to support the security of Bupa using various monitoring tools, with the help of other security teams we help Bupa work safely and securely. I was hired for this role after originally applying for a different security role which became unavailable during my application, the manager of that position was very kind understanding and knew of this role being available and so recommended me to my now manager. Although my security and networking knowledge was not high at the time, I was very honest with my now manager and was thankfully hired into this role.

“Every day is a day of learning new things”

Over time with support from my manager, my team and Bupa my knowledge has grown so much, and my understanding of networks security is slowly growing more each day. I personally find my role to be very exciting because each day if different and each application we support have a lot of different areas to them, this means that every day is a day of learning new things and growing my general knowledge. My role is something I recommend to anyone who wants to learn about networks and security, because it’s a very involved and varying career that you would gain plenty of general knowledge to build on, along with a good learning base to build on a more focused area in IT. I find my role very interesting as one day it can be building very general knowledge across a lot of items or can be a day of focused work around one application and building an understanding of just this item.

This role can have its challenges they’re mainly when a service goes down or when a new one is onboarded; this is because you need to have a good understanding of the application along with the capabilities and restrictions. Though this does have the upside of providing a reason to dig into a particular topic.

If I could give my younger self any advice, it would to be invest in my career and IT supplies and that research via google or YouTube is always a good start.

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