Be you
at Bupa

Every day is about building a fairer and more inclusive society, but that can only happen when we treat everyone with fairness and respect. Reflecting on this we reinforce our ‘Everyone’s welcome’ pledge in which we are committed to:

- Raising awareness and helping create a better understanding of and respect for all the differences which make us unique.

- Creating supportive, understanding work environments where there’s no stigma attached to mental health illness.

- Creating a welcoming, inclusive culture in our organisations which is led from the very top

- Taking action against any form of discrimination, harassment or bullying.

To help deliver against these commitments we launched our Be You at Bupa employee network which is inclusive, intersectional and owned by our people. The network provides peer support and raises awareness of aspects of the inclusion that are important to our people.

Within the network we have also empowered our people to take an active stand against racism and discrimination and provide an environment where employees from across our business and regardless of background can have difficult conversations and collaborate.

As part of this work, we wanted to create a visual identity that our people could use as an anchor for all work around race and ethnicity – but ensuring that ultimately it was still part of our wider Be You at Bupa purpose and not operating in silo.  And that’s where ‘Raise Your Voice’ was created by and for our people to help engage and promote their work internally.  #ChallengeAccepted

To tell you more about Raise Your Voice is Kugan Kathirgamanthan, one of our Be You at Bupa Network Leads for UK Functions:

I am very excited at the prospect of making a difference for all individuals who work at Bupa. I have always been passionate about creating a positive impact for everyone and making their Bupa journey enjoyable. I truly believe diversity and inclusion is not about statistics on paper, it’s about people being able to bring their experience and backgrounds and be themself at Bupa or in any organisation. This gives the organisation a wealth of different perspectives and experiences which enriches our workplace for all.

Raise Your Voice as part of the Be you at Bupa network is an ever-growing open forum of people that joined to educate and learn from each other knowledge and experiences. It’s a safe space where people can share their stories, ask the difficult and hard questions, tackle unconscious bias, recommend books and articles and videos.  Raise Your Voice is a fully inclusive group that pushes us all to share, educate and unify to contribute to a fair system, workplace, and society.