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Kickstarting Careers
Rhitik's story

Rhitik joined our Actuarial team for his placement year in 2020 and will be returning in 2022 as part of our Graduate programme. We caught up with him at the end of his Placement year to find out how he got on, and why he chose to stay with Bupa once he’s completed his studies.

So what did you think of your time at Bupa?

I thoroughly enjoyed my placement year at Bupa from the start of September 2020 to the end of August 2021. During the whole of the placement, I was always learning new things and developing my hard and soft skills. I loved this experience and am so grateful and thankful for Bupa for selecting me to be on their placement program.

What did you get up to while you were here?

I worked the first six months in the UK Actuarial department under Christopher Hay where the work I did was fascinating, doing multiple tasks and projects using Microsoft Excel, SAS and Power BI. Then for my second rotation, the next six months, I was working in the Group Actuarial department under Christodoulos Christodoulou where I was introduced to a lot of new work and tasks which required the use of Tagetik via Microsoft Excel.

Looking back, are there any best bits?

There are a fair few standout moments. I loved the monthly socials where we could come together as a large team and chill, enjoy, and do something fun as a team. I also loved being given extra responsibly such as creating a program from scratch or developing a project all by myself as this allowed me to have more authority and impact.

What made you decide to apply for our Graduate scheme?

I wanted to return on the grad scheme because I enjoyed my twelve months at Bupa thoroughly. There wasn’t one negative moment, and this made me feel that Bupa is the perfect environment to allow myself to grow as a student Actuary where I can be guided and study for my Actuarial exams whilst also working for these three years. The diversity, ethos, and positivity of all the people and Bupa itself was an incredibly strong attraction for me to return as a grad student.

What you would say to anyone considering applying for a placement at Bupa.

I would say to look no further. From my personal experience, and me being honest, I loved every minute of working for Bupa as a placement student. I think the environment and surroundings are the perfect fit for a placement student to get to know more about the working world and develop as a person.