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Hello, my name is Zaibun-nisa, a 24-year-old Junior Business Analyst with Bupa. I have been with Bupa now for just over 6 months. As a Business Analyst I work between the Business and the Development team to achieve business automation and improve business processes, so on and so forth. My role is very important as I enable work to be completed up to a certain standard to not only meet but exceed the business’ expectations and support them to do better in their area of business every day.

How did you get into your role?

I was fortunate enough to come across the programme ‘Sparta Global’ by a friend of mine who had gone down this route herself, who ended up working for a client such as Three network in a matter of weeks/months having no prior industry experience in tech.

I went down this very challenging route myself which had major pay offs with me being where I am today, having come from a completely different field where I was studying Advertising at university and was highly invested initially in the media and marketing industry.

What extra development/courses did you have to do to get into that role?

Over the course of my time at ‘Sparta Global’ we were committed to a 6 weeks program following on a shortlisting process where they invite you in for an initial assessment day where those few selected candidate were enrolled into a stream/class for 6 – 8 weeks of solid and intense training.

This process involved weekly rotational subjects of study with an exam that determined whether you entered the next week as well as many in house opportunities such as client huddles, networking with the in-house team and other Spartans etc. Alongside this they would continuously refine you and mould you into the ideal candidate based on their existing client books and previous experience of this.

Once you graduate they put you on their books and commit to finding you a role and supporting you until the end of your contract with them, where you have on offer a rather large and solid client book, a HR team, in house trainers, opportunity to upskill using in house material etc.

What makes your role exciting?

Coming in and having the opportunity improve areas of the business on a corporate scale has been highly fulfilling and drives me to want to make an even bigger change and improvement within the business – working in a business such as private healthcare, your work is always valuable and always honourable which continuously drives me to enjoy what I do and to want to do more.

Bupa as a company always seem to be working to develop what they do and how they do it with people always at the heart of that, including the people doing the work to make the changes, such as their staff.

Why should someone consider a career in your field?

There are many transferable opportunities within tech. The fulfilment you get when you are able to support a business area and leave them satisfied with the work you have produced knowing it has made a certain level of change/support to a particular business area/team is highly rewarding and part of the everyday job description

What makes doing your role at Bupa interesting or unique?

Working in private healthcare is always going to be a very positive contribution to the world, especially following on the pandemic – supporting those in need, providing a service with Bupa, the leading private healthcare establishment worldwide makes everything we do highly rewarding.

What can be challenging about your role and how do you overcome those challenges?

My lack of experience makes things a little challenging at times, as well as the in-depth specific business knowledge/jargon we are required to work with as well as the vast amount of people we are interacting with and supporting which all comes over time

What advice would you give your 18-year old self?

Never give up - To keep pushing through, things will be tough but not for long if you’re working hard consistently things will only ever get easier as a result - Resilience is key.

Always try different avenues when it comes to my career path as nobody can ever determine where they truly belong or what they are truly capable of.


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