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Navigating the world of healthcare at Bupa Thatcham Court Care Home, Loice stands out as a dedicated Clinical Deputy Manager. Embracing her role with enthusiasm, Loice ensures she is available to support staff clinically, contributing to the well-being of both the team and the residents.

Having joined Bupa in April 2023, she reflected on her journey so far "I'm always learning something new every day and acquiring clinical skills that I had not practiced while previously working in mental health," she shares, emphasising the dynamic nature of her position.

"Bupa has allowed me to undertake training to improve myself and support the staff clinically," she notes. This dedication to continuous learning underscores Bupa's investment in its employees' growth and expertise.

Seeking a fresh challenge and desiring more responsibility after working in the NHS as a Band 6 Clinical team lead, Loice found the transition to Bupa to be a significant shift which allowed her to have “diverse responsibility of her full-time position.” Reflecting on her decision to join Bupa, she recalls, "Before I went to university for my nursing degree, I did apply to work at Bupa as a bank healthcare assistant during the summer.” This furthered my curiosity for the roles available at Bupa and wanted to come back and explore a new facet of her profession.

One standout memory is “Thatcham Court Carnival”. Beyond the day-to-day responsibilities, these events within the home foster a sense of community and camaraderie among the team and residents. “We even made it to Newbury newspaper”. It's these moments that make the workplace not just about tasks but about building connections and shared experiences.

As for the future, Loice envisions to progress in her career and plans to engage in training to expand her skills and knowledge. For those considering a role like hers, Loice highlights the excellent learning opportunities, the supportive team environment, and the guidance provided by her manager.

Speaking three languages – English, Swahili, and Kisii, Loice enjoys unwinding through reading and watching TV. As a self-proclaimed "pet aunt," to her brothers’ dog Cooper, she takes joy in the companionship of animals. Keeping an active lifestyle, she enjoys running and hiking. Loice was born in Kenya; Thus, it has a special place in her heart, of which she loves to travel to and enjoys Kitheri a traditional Eastern African dish with maize and beans with vegetables.

As an individual dedicated to her role, committed to personal growth, and embracing life's diverse experiences, Loice represents the spirit of Bupa – a community that values its people, fosters growth, and creates an environment where everyone can thrive.


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