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nursing roles.

From paediatric nursing in a hospital to treating residents in our care homes, we have over 4,500 registered nurses working in a variety of roles here at Bupa.

What makes us different to anyone else, is our commitment to our patients. We’ll give you the time and flexibility so you can do the best job possible. At Bupa, you can be the nurse you want to be.

Another thing that makes us unique is the different methods of nursing. You might be on a ward, or in a health centre, or in a care home. And equally you might enjoy telephone-based nursing.

Life in

When you become a nurse at Bupa, you’re trusted with people’s lives. And we know a responsibility like this can’t be trusted with just anyone. 

As well as your expertise, you’ll also need to be naturally empathetic and take the lead in caring for others. We have belief in you to make life worth living for every single patient – whatever their condition. 

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Alternatively call us on 0800 028 0275 to find out more about care home careers. Phone lines are open Monday – Friday 8am – 8pm and Saturday 8am – 4pm.

If you are not based in the UK and seeking sponsorship, please register here and we will review your details.

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Belief lets you do incredible things from all kinds of perspectives.

Individual personalities, unique stories – here’s what our people have to say.


Cardiac Nurse

“One patient went on holiday after heart surgery, she sent us a postcard saying: “this wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t do your job well. I wouldn’t be here enjoying my holiday with my husband. It’s little things like this that makes working here so rewarding.”


Pediatric Manager

“I have five sisters, one is biological, the rest are people my mum has collected over the years. She’s West Indian, so for her, that’s very normal. There’s always been people in my home who needed help. So I guess, somewhere in there has been that intrinsic message of caring for others.”