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We want you to feel healthier and happier when you work for Bupa. 
Viva is the name of our health and wellbeing package and covers all aspects of your health from mental and physical to emotional and financial wellbeing.

Our benefits have been developed with you in mind. You can access as much or as little as you want. Whatever is right for you.

*All benefits shown on this page are available to permanent employees, based in the UK only. 
Some benefits mentioned are subject to employment contract and any products the employee has decided to opt into / out of. 
There may also be variations of the benefit depending on the business unit you join.


Encouraging an active and healthy lifestyle

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MyHealthcare - Primary Care Service

This service gives you quick, easy access to support, advice, and treatment for a variety of health-related issues, including remote GP, physiotherapy, and mental health support – all available from one phone number.*

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MyHealthcare - Allowance

Alongside our Primary Care Service, you have an annual allowance which you can redeem against a menu of Bupa healthcare products, all to the approximate value of £350.

You can choose to use your Allowance for yourself, for you and a family member/s, or to gift to other family members entirely.

You can redeem your Allowance against a range of products including cash plans, dental insurance, cancer checks, health assessments, period/ menopause plans and earwax removal.*

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24/7 Anytime Healthline

Our Anytime Healthline is a completely confidential, round-the-clock service with unlimited telephone consultations with Bupa nurses.

You can call our Anytime Healthline for if you feel unwell, get advice on how to stay healthy in your day-to-day life, with help on a range of topics, including quitting smoking.
You can call regarding your own health or that of a family member. Anytime Healthline can also be used directly by family members 16 years + residing at your address.

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Gym Discounts

Bupa employees have access to discounts at a wide variety of gyms and fitness facilities across the UK. This benefit includes access to online digital fitness providers and MoveGB, a multi activity membership.

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Cycle to Work

To help you take up a cost-effective, healthy and environmentally-friendly way to commute to work, Bupa provides the Cycle to Work scheme.*

The scheme allows you to lease a bike and/or accessories for 12 months using our salary sacrifice scheme, the cost of the lease will be deducted from your salary each month. You won’t pay income tax or national insurance on the price of the new bike, so you could save up to 50% depending on your tax rate.

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Flu Vaccine

Each year we give people the opportunity to receive a free flu vaccination.

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Eye Tests

If you regularly use display screen equipment (DSE), you could be eligible for a free eye test and, if you require glasses solely for DSE use, Bupa will contribute towards the cost.

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Menopause Plan

We believe that managing the menopause well should be a priority for all GPs and women. Our Bupa Menopause Plan has been specifically designed to empower women to seek advice, choose their treatment and take control of their health.
Colleagues of any age experiencing perimenopause or menopausal symptoms, or for a review if you are taking HRT, are encouraged to book an initial appointment.

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Our holiday entitlement ranges from 28 - 33 days including bank holidays*
Our inclusive bank holiday approach means that you can swap up to a maximum of four of these bank/public holidays for other days of significance within the same annual leave period.

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Bupa Staff Health Trust

When you join Bupa you will be opted-in to the Health Trust, our bespoke medical insurance benefits package* - This provides healthcare cover to eligible employees and their families.

  • What’s covered? Membership is free from medical underwriting, meaning all eligible pre-existing conditions are covered, for you and any dependents on your policy.
  • Can I add my family? Dependants can be added within 3 months of your start date with Bupa or during the annual renewal window.
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Digital GP Service

This is our digital GP service which is available to all Health Trust members.* You can book a video or phone appointment whenever you need one.


  • Book an appointment –24/7 access to a range of clinicians
  • Receive reminders on your phone
  • Manage your bookings
  • Attend remote appointments
  • Order and track prescriptions
  • Get on-the-go support with Symptom Checker
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Bupa Be.Well Plans

All health assessments include a physical examination, a consultation with a Bupa doctor and personalised health report, and a practical action plan with advice to help minimise future health risks. All colleagues who are eligible for the Bupa Staff Health Trust are eligible to receive a health assessment once every two years.

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Dental Insurance

Our insurance can be used at any dental practice but you can take advantage of additional benefits, such as direct claims settlements and discounted treatments if you use dentists and Bupa Dental Centres which are part of the Bupa Dental Insurance network.*

Our Bupa employee dental insurance scheme can also be extended to cover family members.


Creating supportive working environments and initiatives that focus on positive mental health

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Healthy Minds

Healthy Minds is a 24/7, confidential, free service for you and your immediate family (over the age of 16 and living at the same address).
It’s there for any challenges that you may face at home or at work, such as health, relationship problems, stress or bereavement.
The team can also provide information and support on employment, financial and legal matters.

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Family Mental Health Line

We recognise that parents and carers are uniquely positioned to observe changes in a young person’s behaviour.
And we want to offer the support they need when something isn’t right.
Our Family Mental HealthLine is a dedicated service for parents and carers who are worried about their child’s mental health and wellbeing.

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Emotional Wellbeing online

Choose from a variety of self-guided programmes provided by SilverCloud Health to help you manage money worries, stress, sleep, and more.
SilverCloudHealth use cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) techniques to teach you a fresh way of thinking and feeling about things.
The programmes include a range of tools, like a thought diary and mindfulness podcasts, all available to you when you need them.

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Personal Energy

Personal Energy is Bupa's own wellbeing programme. Our workshops focus on taking good care of a important things in your life that are key to your own personal wellbeing.
We deliver Personal Energy to our own people and with the support of the Bupa Foundation we've been delivering it to educators and charities too.

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Pregnancy & Parenting at work

We’re proud to have signed up to the Pregnancy and Parenting at Work programme, in partnership with Tommy’s who have expertise to support you and your partner/family on a variety of pregnancy-related matters.

Tommy’s are the largest UK charity researching the causes and prevention of pregnancy complications, miscarriage, stillbirth, premature birth and neonatal death.

Tommy’s Pregnancy Line and Direct phone line for managers has experienced midwives who can advise on lifestyle and diet throughout pregnancy and provide counselling and advice on care and treatment if your pregnancy doesn’t go to plan.

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Support for Carers

Caring for elderly relatives

With hundreds of Bupa nursing and residential care homes across the UK, we can also offer a wide range of personalised care services, both long and short-term.

Whether you’re just starting to think about care, need help understanding how to pay for care, or need advice on choosing the best type of care (either in a Bupa care home or elsewhere), our free Elderly Care Support Line is here to help you make the right decisions for you and your family.

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A mental health platform designed to be interactive and engaging by using ground breaking technology, with JAAQ it feels like you’re having a conversation with world leading experts of health topics.information and healthcare they need. 
JAAQ is designed to give you the right information from the right people in a way that has never been done before. Get expert information from leading mental health professionals and people by asking the questions that are important to you.


Supporting people's financial wellbeing when at all possible

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Employee Loans

We partner with Salary Finance and Leeds Credit Union, both of whom can assist with paying off expensive debt or avoiding high interest rates. Loans are offered at affordable rates with higher acceptance rates than high street banks, and can be repaid direct from salary.

We also offer an internal employee loan scheme.

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We partner with Wagestream, Salary Finance and Leeds Credit Union to provide access to savings accounts for a range of situations, including rainy day pots, regular savings accounts with market-leading AERs, Young Saver, Help to Save, Christmas Club, and more. Set up contributions to come straight from your salary to make growing your savings hassle-free.

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Being in control of accessing your earnings can help in periods of financial stress without having to use loans or credit cards. Through financial wellbeing app Wagestream, you have access to four key features:

  • Track - see how far along you are in the pay period, visualise your earnings versus outgoing expenses, and connect your bank account to set balance alerts and reminders for direct debit payment dates.
  • Stream –have early access up to 40% of your earned wages within minutes, at a flat rate of only £1.75 per transfer, with no interest or impact on your credit score.
  • Save – save between £5-100 per month direct from your salary, and get access to your savings at any time, with a 5% boost on everything you save.
  • Coach – connect financial coach to get free, impartial guidance on everything to do with your finances.
  • Premium vouchers - purchase vouchers using your earned wages to get discounts on your favourite brands.
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Free Mortgage Advice Service

We partner with Charles Cameron & Associates, an independent mortgage broker who specialise in providing completely free-of-charge financial education and mortgage advice to our colleagues and their friends and family. Whether you are a first-time buyer, looking to re-mortgage, or finance an investment property, they can help you get into the best possible financial situations for your needs. 

Their team of over 90 mortgage advisers cover the whole of the UK, with access to preferential rates unavailable directly from lenders. They’ll help you find the best possible mortgage product, save you time by taking care of all the paperwork and chase the mortgage application through to completion, making the whole process as stress free as possible.

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As an employee of Bupa, you may be eligible to join one of our Bupa pension plans (applicable to your specific business area). If you choose not to (or you’re not eligible to) join a Bupa pension plan, you may be automatically enrolled into our workplace pension scheme with NEST. 

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  • My Bupa Extras (Provided by Reward Gateway) this is our one-stop shop for a huge choice of exclusive discounts and cashback deals on everything from food and groceries to home and garden, entertainment and days out, travel, and even utilities. 
  • 25% off Grace and Green - Ethical period products that are sustainably sourced, non-toxic, and either reusable or made using bio-degradable materials.​​​​
  • RAC Breakdown - Through our relationship with Vehicle Benefits and their partnership with the RAC, you have exclusive access to discounted RAC breakdown cover rates and levels of coverage which are unavailable via the RAC website.
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Parental Leave

We offer a range of adoption, birth parent and co-parenting support for Pay & Leave. Please speak to your recruiter for specifics about what's on offer to you. 


Activities with a sustainability component and workplace environments that support people's wellbeing

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Payroll giving schemes
  • Give as you Earn - You choose how much to donate from your salary each month and which charity you'd like to support. Donations are taken before tax so the charity gets more of your donation and it costs you less. It also means that charities don't have to claim Gift Aid, so there's less admin for them.
  • Change 4 Charity - Donations to Mind Change 4 Charity rounds down your monthly pay to the nearest pound -the spare pennies go to the Bupa Foundation charity partner, Mind. For example, if your pay is £1,000.74, it would be rounded down to £1,000 and 74 pence donated. You'll donate between 1p and 99p each month.
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Making a difference
  • Match funding - We encourage and support employee fundraising through the Bupa Foundation Match Funding programme. We offer match funding up to £250 per employee per year when you fundraise for a registered charity that supports health and wellbeing.​
  • Community Grants - Every month a grant of up to £2,000 is available for charitable community project which you're involved in as a volunteer or Trustee.
  • Local Bupa Foundation Committees - Bupa employees volunteer their time to run local Community Committees. Each committee supports charities that help vulnerable people in their local communities through a mix of grants, volunteering and fundraising. 
  • Match funding - We encourage and support employee fundraising through the Bupa Foundation Match Funding programme. We offer match funding up to £250 per employee per year when you fundraise for a registered charity that supports health and wellbeing.​​​​​
  • Community Grants - Every month a grant of up to £2,000 is available for charitable community project which you're involved in as a volunteer or Trustee.​​​​​​​
  • Local Bupa Foundation Committees - Bupa employees volunteer their time to run local Community Committees. Each committee supports charities that help vulnerable people in their local communities through a mix of grants, volunteering and fundraising. 
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GoElectric E-Car scheme

At Bupa, we know how important it is to care for the environment. Sustainability is one of our key goals as a business and we’re always looking for new ways in which we can do more moving towards Net Zero by 2040. GoElectric is Bupa's electric vehicle scheme. We’ve partnered with LeasePlan to bring you this benefit, they're a global leader in Car-as-a-Service making it easy for us all to drive in a more environmentally friendly way.


Encouraging social connections and communities at work

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Be You At Bupa

At Bupa we celebrate diversity, welcoming everyone from all backgrounds. We embrace our differences so we can bring our true selves to work. We believe having a diverse workforce is a key strength of our culture and understand the importance of making sure our workforce fully represents the communities in which we operate and the customers we serve.

Work is better when we create a positive working environment; we want people to feel comfortable to bring their whole self to work and that’s why we launched Be you at Bupa.  Find out more here.

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Our Volunteer Policy entitles eligible employees to 3 days paid volunteer leave.

Additional Perks

Some additional perks that we think everyone should be able to access

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Celebrating your big day

We'll award you with one additional day of leave to help you celebrate your marriage or civil partnership.

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Career Breaks

You are able to request a career break of up to 12 consecutive weeks at your 10th and 20th anniversary with Bupa.*

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Long Service

Hopefully you’re planning on being with us for the long haul and in return this is how we’ll say thank you and celebrate your long service anniversaries:

All long service rewards are in addition to your contractual annual leave entitlement. 

  • 1 year - An ecard thanking you for your contribution
  • 5 years - An ecard thanking you for yourcontribution
  • 10 years - 1 day’s extra holiday that year*
  • 20 years - 2 day’s extra holiday that year* plus £200
  • 30 years - 3 day’s extra holiday that year* plus £300
  • 40 years - 4 day’s extra holiday that year* plus £1,000
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Refer a friend

Refer a friend scheme has been developed to encourage employees to recommend their friends and family to work at Bupa. This can be across any area at Bupa. If the person you refer is successful in their application you will receive a refer a friend bonus after they have completed 3 months service.*

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Flexible holiday

You may be able to buy or sell up to 5 days of your annual leave entitlement.

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